Revision History

Board Rev 0.1

March 12th, 2012. The first prototype, toner transfer method, H2O2/Vinegar/salt etched.
Relay was hooked up wrong, but otherwise, a success. 3 units made.

Board Rev 0.2

April 20th, 2012. Fixed the relay, added a reset button. 7 units made.

Board Rev 1.0

First manufactured board. Replaced the relay with a more common one, moved all components
within the arduino footprint. EagleCad files generated by Jeff Schmidt of Kwartzlab. PCB manufactured
by Itead. 10 units made.

Board Rev 1.1

Reversed the order of the servo connections to match the order they come out of the servo. Designed
for the SoOnCon2012 badge, and distributed with an arduino and battery pack. PCB manufactured
by SeeedStudios. 100 units made.

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